Everything has beauty.

The art of photography is seeing beauty and capturing that beauty to share it. I am in love with Nature’s beauty. My love makes me want to explore that beauty and spread it around, so I take pictures, like some folks take pictures of their family. My first love is Yosemite. The creator is the real artist. My art is just the work of an admirer.

I rediscovered photography as digital cameras returned the darkroom to the photographer and eliminated the waste and expense of film. Most of the images on my site are digital except for the international images. I’m not a gearhead except for liking tools that help me capture and translate beauty into images in an esthetic process. I love my Apple Computers and Olympus Cameras.

The world is not as you see it. All we ever see is light. Spectrums of light beyond our vision surround us, and our brain interprets light differently than our eyes see that light. After all, the world around you is projected upside down on the sensors in the back of your eye! Your brain turns it right side up. Photography adds another layer of interpretation onto the illusion we live in. Still, I try to use the technology to recreate the scene as I remember it without enhancing reality unrealistically. Living in Yosemite, once in awhile I run into some wild light! I put images that benefited from excess digital artistic license in separately marked galleries if they don’t represent what I experienced.

One problem with photography is that it makes you look at the world with a mental frame around it. I think that’s limiting. I make frequent use of combining multiple images into shots that wouldn’t be possible with conventional cameras. I try to capture views that others have ignored because they couldn’t fit it into their frame. My panoramas are good examples. I have a couple galleries of panoramas sized to be printed to fill a 10x20 print, although they could be ordered at any size with the "White Borders" option during checkout and cut for framing. I also have a couple galleries of wider panoramas that must be ordered with with "White Borders" and custom framed. Your local frame shop should have no trouble with this and you'l have a really unique piece of photographic art. Both vertical and horizontal panoramas can be stunning in places of your house that traditional sizes won't fit in.

I get a little close to my shots and don’t often know which ones folks will really like. Email me or sign my guestbook at Printroom.com and tell me what photos you really liked and which ones deserve the axe! I need your help to offer my best. I have posted many more shots than most photographers do on the web. Some images hope for art, others are there for folks who want a reminder of beauty they have seen, freedom that they enjoyed. Hope you like shopping!

I’m happy to offer Susan Joy’s art here. Photographs of pastels and watercolors look great framed, and are more affordable and less fragile than originals. Email me if you interested in purchasing an original of one of her prints.

I have a lot of inspirations, so more is on the way. Email me if you would like to be informed of major new content on the site. Extensive international galleries of my Himalayan and Asian images are planned. I have some photo-based digital art that I would like to explore in the future as well.

I hope you enjoy my photographs. I hope that they help you return in spirit to nature, evoking your memory of its beauty. Your support allows me to live in paradise and I am deeply grateful. Whether you buy prints or not, I hope for blessings of peace and happiness for all those who visit my site. I hope every day is a good day for you.

Let the beauty that we love be what we do - Rumi
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