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Mattes and Frames

For most folks, it's best to visit your local Aaron Brothers or Michaels Frame shops. For standard images sizes you can buy pre-cut mattes and frames at reasonable prices. For panoramas and to get best results from large prints, use their custom framing services or visit your local frame shop. For do it yourselfers, quality framing supplies are available online from Light Impressions.

Yosemite resources and informationDaily availability of camp sites in Yosemite
Yosemite National Park:- official NPS page
Yosemite Online:_ Yosemite association, etc.
Yosemite Concession Services Corporation
Golden country: info on the surrounding communities.
Yosemite Valley Web cam
Yosemite Weather
Yosemite News Page (not really news)
Yosemite Wilderness Permit Reservation form
More Yosemite Info
Redwoods Guest Cottages (They sell some of my photos and have houses for rent in Wawona.)
Environment and Policy sitesFriends of Yosemite Valley: oppose commercialism in Yosemite oppose fee demo and coporate rec influence

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