I have lived and climbed in Yosemite for the vast majority of my adult life. (You have to be generous with your standards of "adulthood" here.) I passionately love the mountains and especially the Yosemite area.

I worked for 15 years in human resources and employee Housing for the park concessionaire. In 1997, following the devastating floods and their economic consequences, Yosemite Concession Services elected to downsize my position.

This turn of events inspired me to seek a more free and creative lifestyle. I don't blame my old company, and I don't think they blame me either. Curses become blessings and enemies can be friends.

I got the nickname "Karl Baba" while studying the Hindi language in India on a year long post-graduate fellowship from Berkeley. In India, every wandering holy man, mountain cave-dwelling hermit, or deadbeat hobo, is a "baba". A good baba will make you a cup of tea, offer a bit of wise advice if asked, and otherwise accept you unconditionally. I have traveled extensively throughout the Himalaya and enjoy the people and the mountain environment in Asia.

Besides climbing, I stay open to greater wisdom, peace, and love in life without being on any particular path. I compose music on synthesizers, play African drums, fool with computers, and am finishing up a teaching credential.

I hope you enjoy poking around my site, and I wish you great love and joy in your life always. (Naturally, climbing provides a fair amount of suffering, but there is joy in that too!)

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